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Here you will find upcoming trips to sacred places. Common to all journeys is an inner growing, spiritual development, healing and transformation. Which destination is calling you?

A journey beyond words, Greece

11-18 October 2024

This journey is for You, magical Sisters and Brothers of Light, Lightworkers and Starseeds, who wants to participate in the transformation for a New Earth. Who also wants to find out more of your True Self.

We shall venture to remarkable sites such as Delphi, Meteora, and Athens, bathing in their profound significance.


Journey of the Soul, England

18-24 augusti 2023

Join Anna Indra Larsson and Lena Björnsbråten on a magical trip to England!

Together we make our way to magical places of power that breathe history, wisdom and mystery.
Here we get to meet and explore ourselves and open up to understand our own spiritual journey. 



Healing journey in the footsteps of Atlantis, Greece

26- 31 maj 2023

Join us on an energizing trip to the Greek archipelago!


Anna Indra Larsson and Ros-Marie Åkerman have put together a journey that breathes deep healing, inner growth, transformation and rebirth. 



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