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Paros, Greece

24-29 May 2024

For the third time we arrange this magical and healing trip to Paros in the Greek island world. A journey that breathes healing, inner growing and transformation. 

This journey is a gift to yourself, to your body and your soul, created to fully and completely bring out YOU and your true essence.  What do you need to release, what do you need to fill in, to vibrate in your true frequency and make your heart dance?

United in deep sisterhood, held by each other and by Mother Earth, we hold each other in love and security, where we are allowed to let go of the old, and to give birth to the new, the pure and the true Self, she who is YOU.

Our journey follows in the footsteps of the Greek gods, who are said to have once worked in Atlantis, as high priests and priestesses in the temples of Atlantis. At the fall of Atlantis, the majority of the priests and priestesses of Atlantis moved on to what we now call Greece. Here the knowledge was preserved in the hidden. Now is the time to bring the knowledge to the surface!

The water, the wind, the sun and the earth are strongly present on our journey. We are guided to ceremony sites around the island that go with the signs of the elements.  All elements within you want to be aligned, and come into harmony with each other. We draw power from the elements. 

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Paros, Greece

In the middle of the Greek archipelago of the Cyclades we find her, Paros, surrounded by the neighboring islands of Mykonos, Delos, Naxos, Antiparos and Santorini.

As the patron goddess of Paros, the goddess Athena holds her wings over the island. Here there are thousands of years of history, marble from which the Parthenon and Athena's temple on the Acropolis in Athens are built, and temple ruins. Everywhere you can see traces of ancient wing beats. 

In the main village of Parikia we find the magical church of Panagia Ekantonatapiliani, the church that is said to have 100 doors but only 99 doors have been found. We visit the church to open up the hundredth door, the one within us. 

On Paros we find the temple ruins of Asclepion's healing temple.  Asclepion, the father of healing, the great healing master, is one of our guides on our journey. Through him we gain access to "new healing information", tied to Atlantis and the Pleiades. 

The energy of the sun god Apollo vibrates all over the island. We visit his temple ruins to perform a transformative fire ceremony under the open sky.  

The sea god Poseidon invites us to a rebirth ceremony by the sea. 

The goddess Pallas Athena, the goddess of truth and wisdom, calls us to make new vows, vows to be who we are, to walk in the Light. 

We live in the beautiful village of Naousa, on the northern part of the island. A village that in many ways resembles a fairy-tale village. Whitewashed houses, blue painted windows, the sea, the fishing boats, the old Venetian fortress, the winding labyrinth-like alleys, the mix of shops, restaurants and churches make every step an experience.

Just outside Naousa is Tao's center. A peaceful oasis, where we gather every morning.



Thursday, May 23: Check-in

You will arrive at Naousa and Alexandros Apartment. Check-in takes place from 17.00.
We will gather later in the evening on the hotel's roof terrace to welcome you all. 

Friday May 24- Tuesday May 28

The days begin with shared breakfast at Tao's center. 

Then we listen to her, Mother Earth, to her voice and her vibrations, she is the one who calls us to the places around the island that we will visit, she is the one who shows us where to perform our ceremonies, she is the one who shows us what paths we shall walk on Paros, all to let go, heal and be born again. 

All our ceremonies are in harmony with her, Mother Earth and her elements. At every ceremony, in every element, they await us, the priests and priestesses of Atlantis to guide us with their knowledge and wisdom. 

Common to all days is that we explore our inner self and go deep into ourselves with the help of meditation, mantra chanting, dance, light yoga and with our voice. The sound, vibrations, movements, and awareness together create magic in body mind and soul. The time is here, to really become who you are!

All activities are voluntary. If you need your own time, to rest and land in something we've done, then you do it, you follow your own voice of what you need. Of course there is space for sunbathing and swimming!

Wednesday 29 May: Home journey

Check-out takes place no later than 11 a.m.
You take yourself further to the port or airport. 

*Subject to change in the program.


Naousa on Paros, Greece



Alexandros studios, Naousa


1370 €


 The price includes:
6x hotel nights (refers to part in a double room, check-in 24 May -  departure 29 May
6x  breakfast

4x lunch

All transport on Paros in connection with getting around the island and visiting its power places. 

The price does not include:
Flights and any costs associated with transfers to and from Paros, transport from the ferry terminal or the airport on Paros to Naousa.



We start early on Friday, May 24and finish late on Tuesday, May 28


Flights to Athens, Mykonos and Santorini, then ferry or domestic flight to Paros.  


Maximum number of participants is 11. 


Insurance and cancellation protection: You are responsible for cancellation protection on your flight. Make sure you have a valid travel and accident insurance and EU card.


Anna Larsson

Anna runs  House of Indra, a spiritual center in Örebro. She is a channel for Angels, Masters of Light and Higher energies. Anna organizes spiritual journeys to places of power around Europe, holds workshops in spiritual development and holds (and is the creator of) the Certified Crystal Therapist training.


This is the third trip that Anna arranges on Paros.

Ros-Marie Åkerman

For 18 years, she has been working with yoga groups, workshops, events and trips. With long experience as a Massage Therapist, she has built on Energy Medicine and gives sessions by phone or physically in Lindesberg, where she has her yoga studio.


Yoga and the fantastic possibilities of sound are strong branches in Rosa's multi-branched tree. A never-ending exploration of the vibrations of sound and knowledge via instruments with overtones. The vibration from both voice and instrument, which cleanses from the inside out and from the outside in, never ceases to fascinate. 


She walks the shamanic  path with her feet deeply rooted in the earth. Now taking a training in Shamanic healing and exploring the wisdom and power of the medicine wheel. 



When your registration is received, the invoice for the registration fee will be sent to you. When the registration fee is registered, your registration for the trip is confirmed.


Free cancellation of seat up to 90 days before the start of the trip  excl. the registration fee.

In case of cancellation 90 - 30 days before the start of the course, 50% of the fee is charged excluding the registration fee, which is binding.

In case of cancellation 30 days before the start of the course or later, the full fee will be charged. 


We reserve the right to cancel the trip if there are too few participants. In the event of a canceled trip, all costs will be refunded to the participant. 

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