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Here you will find all the various high vibe educations, courses and programs that Anna offers.

Stargates to heaven.jpeg

Stargates to heaven
Program online

Online, in english, autumn 2023

Welcome to a magical program where we will come together online on seven occasions, dive deep into our multidimensional selves and embark on a journey togheter.


Advanced Transformational Starlight Program

Örebro, in swedish, autumn 2023

Welcome to an outstanding training where you can unlock doors to your Starseed self and explore  multidimensional healing and your soulful gifts at a profound level. 

ARISE ny Anna Indra Larsson.png


Online, in swedish, start anytime

Arise is an online program that will take you on a journey to the center of who you truly are and give you tools to open you up to your own highest potential. You get access to a Member portal and can complete the program at your own pace, wherever you are when it suits you.

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