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Glastonbury, Tintagel, England

18-24 augusti 2024

A warm welcome to accompany Anna and Lena on an inner journey of discovery in England! Together we make our way to magical places of power that breathe history, wisdom and mystery. Here we get to meet and explore ourselves and open up to understand our own spiritual journey. 



Magical, mythical Avalon. The place that is said to be the heart chakra of the earth. A place that stands for healing and transformation. Here are the red and the white spring, in whose  water man has gathered around for centuries , bathed in, drunk from, purified, on his way to enlightenment.


The landscape is crowned by Avalon's goddess, The Tor. Through the veils we enter her, we walk her labyrinth, a journey that takes us deep into ourselves. 


In the Chalice well, the sacred garden, flows the red spring, in whose waters the Holy Grail is said to be found.

The White Spring, in her cold spring waters they await us, the Goddesses of Avalon, for a ceremony and initiation into the Goddess energy. 


Through beautiful and powerful ceremonies, where we bathe in Avalon's spring waters, explore all of her magical places and tap into the energies found here, we bring home parts of ourselves and expand our inner light.



The dramatic landscape with the steep cliffs, the sea, Merlin's cave and the ruins of Tintagel castle, the birthplace of King Arthur, make this place so beautiful and powerful that it almost takes your breath away, it leaves no one untouched.  

Tintagel, a place strongly associated with the master Merlin. It is by walking in Merlin's footsteps that our journey takes place in Tintagel.

Just outside Tintagel we find St Nectan's glen, a temperate rainforest, an oasis of water and greenery. Here we find the magical waterfall St Nectans. 



We allow the powerful energy of these places to activate a higher part of ourselves and bring memories to life within us. Memories of our own creative power and healing power.

If you feel called to this journey, you have most likely walked here before in past lives.
These places are now calling you to understand your soul journey. This journey is for you who, with openness and curiosity, want to open new doors within yourself, to see and understand who you really are.

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Sunday 18 August - Wednesday 21 August: Glastonbury

We gather on August 18 at 16:00 at our accommodation in Glastonbury.
We begin our journey by ascending her, The Tor, to conduct an opening ceremony of our journey under the open sky. 


Then a few days await where we explore and get to know her, Avalon, we walk her grounds, walk her labyrinths, visit her magical power places and the ley lines that run through the landscape, bathe in her holy springs and meditates in her beautiful gardens. 
We take help of her loving pulse, the one that vibrates in the purest light of love to open our hearts and expand our light. 

Wednesday 21 August - Saturday 24 August: Tintagel

Wednesday 21 August, after lunch, we travel by private bus down to Tintagel, a journey of about 2.5 hours. Here we check in to our accommodation, which is located in the middle of the nature reserve St Nectans Glen.

In Tintagel, guided by the master Merlin, we visit the places of power to which we are called; Rocky Valley, the Labyrinth, Tintagel Castle, Fairyland, Merlin's cave and the waterfall in St Nectan's Glen. All to go deeper and deeper into ourselves and to understand our own creative power. We have booked private time for our group in the waterfall. A powerful purification ceremony awaits here. All to awaken her, our own alchemist within us. 

Saturday 24 August: Home journey

Saturday lunchtime we leave Tintagel and make our way back to Glastonbury. We make the trip together in a private bus. We arrive in Glastonbury in the afternoon and here awaits a closing ceremony for our group and our trip. 


We finish at 18.00.
After our closing ceremony, we parted ways. Perhaps you choose to stay a night in Glastonbury, to land and take in everything you have brought with you from the trip. In such cases, you arrange accommodation on your own. Alternatively, you can continue by bus towards London or Bristol for the journey home.

*Subject to change in the program.



Glastonbury England
Tintagel England



In Glastonbury we stay in Middlewick Holiday Cottages. 
In Tintagel we stay at St Nectan's retreat centre.



SEK 17,555 incl. VAT.

Registration fee: SEK 4555, binding and non-refundable.

The remaining SEK 13000 must be available to us no later than May 18, 2024.


 The price includes:
6x hotel nights (refers to part in double room/cottage, check-in 18 Aug -  departure 24 Aug)
3x  breakfast

3x lunch
3x dinner
Private transport to and from Glastonbury - Tintagel (approx 2.5 hour journey one way) 
Entry to Tintagel Castle, Glastonbury Abbey and Chalice Well.

The price does not include:
Flights and possible costs in connection with transfers to and from Glastonbury. 



We gather on Sunday, 18 August at 16:00 and ends on Saturday, 24 August at 18.00.



Flights go to London, Heathrow, Stansted or to Bristol. 

A Facebook group will be created where you will, among other things, have the opportunity to get help with any questions regarding flights and transfers to and from Glastonbury.



Maximum number of participants is 12. 


Insurance and cancellation protection: You are responsible for cancellation protection on your flight. Make sure you have a valid travel and accident insurance and EU card.

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Anna Larsson

Anna runs House of Indra, a spiritual center in Örebro. She is a channel for Angels, Masters of Light and Higher energies. Anna organizes spiritual journeys to places of power around Europe, holds workshops in spiritual development and holds (and is the creator of) the Certified Crystal Therapist training.


This will be Anna's eight trip to Glastonbury.


Lena Björnsbråten

Lena is a Certified Quantum Healing Practitioner by Dolores Cannon, level 1 and 2, certified medium and Reiki healer. Her spiritual awakening really took off with a spiritual trip to Glastonbury in 2017. She holds workshops, meditations and drumming trips. One of Lena's strongest expressions is through artistic creation.  


This is the third journey that Lena is arranging in England. 


When your registration is received, the invoice for the registration fee will be sent to you. When the registration fee is registered, your registration for the trip is confirmed.


Free cancellation of seat up to 90 days before the start of the trip  excl. the registration fee.

In case of cancellation 90 - 60 days before the start of the course, 50% of the fee is charged excluding the registration fee, which is binding.

In case of cancellation 60 days before the start of the course or later, the full fee will be charged. 


We reserve the right to cancel the trip if there are too few participants. In the event of a canceled trip, all costs will be refunded to the participant. 

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