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Just over 10 years ago, my life as I knew it was brought to an end. Completely unexpectedly and without warning, I underwent a powerful awakening, a transformation. 

From having lived a life without any medial gifts whatsoever - to within the space of just a few months gaining access to the gifts that we all carry within us, the ability to see and understand what lies beyond the veil of illusion. Abilities that most of us have shut down, but are there for us, just waiting to be re-opened. 


My senses opened fully. I was given the gift of seeing into people's bodies, both physically and energetically, hearing and seeing angels, and light guides, seeing past lives and more. I became a channel for these energies. They showed me how our energy fields work and what affects them, such as our thoughts, emotions and cellular memories.

My light guides showed me my previous incarnations, including lives from ancient Greece, the mythical Avalon, from Atlantis and Lemuria. Which has and has had a significant role in my work for the last 10 years, as my courses and sessions are based on memories and information from these civilizations. 

Perhaps you have heard of the awakening that is happening now? The shift in energy from 3D to 5D (the third dimension to the fifth dimension). I usually explain it as an inner process that wants to awaken all that is YOU. To raise your consciousness and gain the understanding that you are so much more than your physical self. To start acting from the heart. Letting go of the ego and the fears we carry within us. 


In the inner journey we often begin to see new truths about ourselves and the world we live in. That's what happened to me right then and there ten years ago. I was guided to see and understand my own soul mission. My team of light guides showed me how I can guide people to understand that we are all so much more than our physical body. That we are eternal beings of light. They asked me to convey that EVERYONE has the ability to open their minds, EVERYONE. In that spirit, my courses are created; to give everyone an opportunity to explore the All for themselves.

I listened to the voice of the Angels and resigned from my previous job to fully follow the path that I am here to walk - the path of light and love.

Anna Indra Larsson ljusarbetare och andlig vägledare.

Greece, the place that connected my soul to my heart /Anna 

House of Indra

Anna also runs a store and a spiritual center in Örebro, Sweden - House of Indra. Here you will find crystals, decks of cards, incense, books and other tools for your spiritual journey.

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