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Aten, Delphi, Meteora Greece

11-19 April 2025

Guided by Spirit, I have been called to create this magical journey to Greece. This journey is for You, magical Sisters and Brothers of Light, Lightworkers and Starseeds, who wants to participate in the transformation for a New Earth. Who also wants to find out more of your True Self.

We shall venture to remarkable sites such as Delphi, Meteora, and Athens, bathing in their profound significance.


This sacred sites act as portals for us to receive and unlock the sacred keys that will expand your consciousness, elevate your multidimensionality, and deepen your connection to the higher realms and your StarSelf. Within these sacred sites, we shall access and reignite the ancient wisdom once preserved in the stars and within the depths of Inner Earth.

We are all Masters of the Light, embarking on this journey. Prepare to set out on a remarkable adventure. We are together as a group called upon to awaken the dormant Star heritage within us. We hold the keys to unlock the profound wisdom and knowledge from the ancient civilizations, Golden Atlantis and Lemuria, and from different Starsystem in our beloved Universe.

These keys are not ordinary; they are the golden keys that hold significance for the dawn of the New Age and the path of ascension. It is our collective identity as Masters of Light that drives us forward on this extraordinary expedition.

Higher evolved emissaries of Light and celestial Starbeings such as the Atlantean Star Council of Light, Nectara the StarMother of the Seven Suns, master Adama from Inner Earth, alongside the greek gods Poseidon, Pallas Athena and Apollon, will guide us with their love and wisdom and illuminate our path on this sacred journey.

Our path shall align with one of Earth's most potent Leylines, the Apollo and Athena line. This ethereal current gracefully granting its blessings upon all who heed its call.

As a united collective, we are summoned to engage with the energy that flows along this sacred leyline. Anna's revelations have unveiled that this particular segment of Apollo and Athena leyline holds a profound connection to Divine Truth.


Now is the moment for us to awaken our innermost beings to the radiant truth that resides within. It's time for us to witness and integrate with our beloved Mother Earth and fully embrace the revealed truth about our divine nature.

Are you ready? Are you ready to fully embrace you true Master Self as a Master of pure Light?


Sunset at Meteora.


11-14 April Athen

Guided by master Adama from Inner Earth, our journey starts at the foot of the Acropolis, at the ruins of the ancient Hadrian’s library. This magical place is a portal to the Great Library in Inner Earth, Porthologs, which holds all he records of this Universe.

We are here to unlock profound wisdom and knowledge from all times.


Receive and activate new healing tools from the masters of Pleidan. Athens hold the energies of wisdom from the Pleiades.

14-16 AprilDelphi

Visiting the breathtaking place, the sacred site of Delphi, the place for the Great Oracles.

A sacred ceremony awaits you. A ceremony with the ancient Oracles of Delphi, who carries the wisdom and knowledge from the Golden Atlantis. This ceremony will activate the StarOracle within you.

16-18 April Meteora

One of the most magical places on earth, Meteora. A place where the veil between our world and higher dimensions is at its thinnest, which enables us to receive higher light initiations and active higher parts of our light body. We will work side by side with Nectara, one of the Star Mother of the Seven Galactic Suns. Bringing the energies ot the Seven Suns into Gaia and unlock the master Sun Discs within us.

18-19 April Athen

Back in Athens advanced energy work awaits us. We are guided to work with

the cosmic pyramids of the Earth, one of which is etherial placed above

Acropolis. Bringing wisdom from the Stars into our being.

*With reservation for change in the program.


The sacred site of Delphi.


1999 €

The price includes:
8x hotel nights, 5 nights in Aten, 2 nights in Delphi and 1 night in Meteora

Check-in 12 April check-out 19 April

8 x breakfast


All trips:

Aten - Delphi, Delphi - Meteora, Meteora - Aten.

These trips take place with private transport (coach).


Entry to Acropolis and all sacred sites in Athens, to the temple complex at Delphi and to the monasteries ain Meteora


The price does not include:
Flights and costs in connection with transfers to and from Athens airport.



We gather on Friday 12 April at 20.00 and ends on the 18 April at 18.00.


Maximum number of participants is 12.


Anna Indra Larsson


You are responsible for travel insurance on your journey and on your flights.


Registration fee 555€, non-refundable.
The remains 1444€ must be at our disposal by 12 Jan


Fee cancellation up to 90 days before the start of the journey, excluding the registration fee.
The full fee is then charged.


For registration, send an email to
When your registration fee of 555€ has been received, your place is reserved.


Anna with Rose-Marie Åkerman (assisting on the trip).




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