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A session that gives you keys to your soul gifts and knowledge about yourself on a soul level.

About the session

What life gifts do you bring with you into this life? How can you best use them? What is there to read in your soul contract? Is there a particular star group that you are connected to? These are some of the answers that may be given at a Soulstar reading.

We live in a very special time right now, the time of awakening. A time where we humans begin to understand that we are so much more than our physical body. A Soulstar reading can provide answers to many of the questions that may arise within you when you begin to wake up.

During a Soulstar reading, you may also activate dormant codes and keys that are in your blueprint, in your energy field. 

During the session

During a Soulstar reading, Anna receives information from your own Higher Self and the light guides, light masters who are by your side. 

All information that comes through during the reading is of pure love light and for your highest good. The information that emerges can be seen as golden keys that you can use to open new doors within you. These doors want to lead you into the heart. 

In the heart you will find your true path,  your unique soul gifts and all the knowledge that your soul has accumulated during your earthly lives, and possibly on other places in our beautiful Universe where your soul may have spent time and lives.

Online via Zoom

The session is 75 minutes, online via Zoom.


SEK 1,777

Book your session

You are warmly welcome to book your Soulstar reading.

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