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A session for karmic healing and understanding the present moment.

About the session

All your past incarnations are stored in your cellular memories. Everything you've been through is there. Joy, sadness, pain, relationships, unique gifts that you have had and so on.

Perhaps you want to gain understanding of a pattern/behaviour/fear that you have in your current life, which is hindering you in the present. Where does it come from and how can you let it go? Is it a relationship you want to look at? Have you lived together before? If so, when and where? What are you to learn from the relationship today? Or are you just curious about your past?

During the session

uring a Past Life reading, Anna is guided via her higher self and your higher self as well as the light guides and masters you have by your side,  to heal and gain clarity in the past.

Anna sees your timeline, meaning your past incarnations here on Earth.

Online via Zoom

We meet at Zoom for your Past Life reading. The session in 75 min.


125 €, 1 555 SEK

Book your session

You are warmly welcome to book your Past life reading.

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