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Sat, 27 Apr


Scandic Grand Hotel

The Nordic Power workshop

The Nordic Power Workshop with Lovisa Alvtörn and Tim Whild. Hosted by Anna Indra Larsson.

The Nordic Power workshop
The Nordic Power workshop

Time and location

27 Apr 2024, 10:00 – 28 Apr 2024, 17:00

Scandic Grand Hotel, Fabriksgatan 21-23, 702 23 Örebro, Sweden

About the event

The Nordic Power Workshop with Lovisa Alvtörn and Tim Whild. 

Hosted by Anna Indra Larsson.

Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th April, 2024, in Örebro, Sweden.

The Gods and Goddesses of the Norse have been rising once again as the vibration of Earth flows towards the fifth dimension. During the winter and spring of 2023 Lovisa and Tim began a journey of reconnection to them after the activation of the King’s Mounds Portal (connected to the Cosmic Heart) in 2019. This is known as the Heart of the North and is an epicentre of loving frequencies located in Old Uppsala, Sweden.

During this first wave of reconnection with the Nordic Master energies, the focus has very much been on the Heart and the reawakening of the Love and Unity Template, with the Divine Feminine leading the way. This wave culminated with the activation of the Higher Hearts of all Humanity on the Lions Gate of 2023. Now, with the second wave of reconnection being initialized, the focus has shifted to that of Power and Wisdom. The Divine Masculine is now stepping forwards at full force to guide and support us, working in loving balance and unity with the Divine Feminine.

The Nordic Power Workshop is a two-day intensive LIVE workshop hosted by Anna Indra Larsson in her beautiful hometown of Örebro. During this event we will be called into Master Reconnection with some of the wisest and most powerful souls to have ever incarnated on Earth. The purpose of the gathering will be to infuse this knowledge, wisdom, love, and power, into our lives as we walk the path of Higher Light.

As always Tim’s and Lovisa’s favourite subjects Angels and Atlantis will be included, and the magical and powerful Dragons are especially coming in for this Nordic Power event as well! There will be lots of powerful visualisations connecting you to the angels, masters and dragons that come forward for us as a group for this specific event.

2024 promises to be a year of visible change. During the previous twelve months the energy flowed so fast that our feet barely touched the floor but despite this some of the most profound changes were made. Lovisa and Tim will be harmonising much of what we have received with the incredible energies that we are being presented with this weekend.

Throughout the workshop, Anna will be adding her sacred sound keys and mantras to deepen our connections to the frequencies coming through.

You will also receive a lot of practical ascension support – as always with Tim’s and Lovisa’s work. This includes them sharing from their own personal journeys and the most effective techniques they use, who and what they work with to support them – providing you with a powerful toolbox to bring back home with you again.

This event is hosted by Anna Indra Larsson and all inquiries about it will go through Anna at:

Learn more about Tim, Lovisa & Anna

Tim Whild is an ascension and Lightbody expert who runs Practical Ascension in the UK:

Lovisa Alvtörn is an energy anchor and Lightcode activator who runs Ascension with Lovisa in Sweden:

Anna Indra Larsson from Sweden is a facilitator and conductor of sacred vibrations and frequencies from Light Intelligence/Source:

Tentative outline of the workshop

Please note that the details may change as we move closer to the workshop date and the energies coming in for our work on this weekend make themselves fully known.

Saturday 27th – Day 1 – The Day of the Divine Feminine.

During this powerful day filled with Divine Feminine energies you will –

  • Receive a full and in-depth ascension report from Tim and Lovisa about what has come to pass and how it affects us. What do we have coming up next and why?
  • Learn about the role of the Divine Feminine energies in the balancing of the ascension process and how this worked from 2012 onwards.
  • Connect fully to the Ladies of the Norse… the Divine Feminine Shieldmaidens that are bringing through the power, will, love, and courage that is so needed on Earth.
  • Goddess Connections… Learn the current role of these heart-centred beings and embody the frequencies that they are offering to share.
  • Anchoring into the energies of the World Tree! Everything that we do on this day will be placed into the roots and branches of the tree to be actualised into planetary service.
  • Rune and Crystal Work! On the day we will be working with crystals and runes to amplify what we do.

Sunday 28th April – The Day of the Divine Masculine.

During this powerful day filled with Divine Masculine energies you will –

  • Learn the history of our transition through the third dimension following the Fall of Atlantis. What happened to the Divine Masculine?
  • Connect to the powerful Helios Coded Divine Masculine Template and receive the Divine Balance that has been lacking on Earth.
  • Meet the Masculine Norse Gods who have stepped back through from the Higher Realms and are lighting the way with blazing torches!
  • Receive the Unity Activation that will assist all of humanity to come together as One!
  • Participate in powerful Earth Healing via the World Tree Yggdrasil and connect to the highest version of reality that is available to us.


  • The Nordic Power Workshop

    Sale ends: 26 Apr, 17:00

    The Nordic Power Workshop with Lovisa Alvtörn and Tim Whild. Hosted by Anna Indra Larsson.

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