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A session that activates unique codes you carry with you from Atlantis.

About the session

In an Atlantean Starcode Activation, we activate a unique set of codes and high frequency information that you have carried with you from Atlantis. Information that it is now time to open up within you. 

These Starcodes contain information that is both for your own spiritual development, for your role as a Lightworker, and global. The time is NOW. We have chosen to incarnate in this very time to be part of this transformation where we humans shift from 3D to 5D, where we raise our consciousness and act in love and truth. 


Not sure if this session is for you? Maybe you feel like you don't know anything about Atlantis, about the awakened, about the new age? Trust your heart, it knows the answer.

During the session

The Atlantean Starcodes are already within you, in your energy field. During the session you will be given the opportunity to activate them. This happens, among other things, by receiving a key, in the form of a series of sequences of light language and an activation mantra. 

Included in the session

The price includes the 75 min session itself, where we activate your Atlantean star codes, as well as a recorded meditation that you get sent to you in connection with your session, so that you can work further with the star codes yourself. 

Online via Zoom

The session is held via Zoom.


SEK 1 444.

Book your session

Welcome to book your deeply transformative session.

The activation of The Atlantean Star

In the video clip, you see how Anna together with Vincent Martin activates The Atlantean Star in Delphi, Greece,  on September 2, 2022.


This session, The Atlantean Starcode Activation is a direct follow up on this energy work.

Magical, right?

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