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 Welcome to an outstanding training where you can unlock doors to your Starseed self and Star of origin to explore multidimensional healing and your soulful gifts at a profound level. 

About the education

The Multidimensional Starlight Healing Practitioner program is designed for you who are ready to take the next step in your soulful evolution. For you who wish to open yourself to even higher guidance from your soul and the star system from which you originate. 

This magical education is for lightworkers who wish to work with healing and energy work, for their own growth, for others, and for Mother Earth, during this special time we find ourselves in, the time of awakening. 

We open the doors to your Starlight and work with the unique gifts you have connected to your Star Self. We awaken the unique way you have of conveying light language. Through light language you activate higher frequencies within you and on Earth. 


The Multidimensional healing practitioner program builds on the foundation in the training to Certified Crystal Therapist, and the Advanced Starlight Program . Here we will also connect even more layers so that you can deeply come into contact with and be able to use your unique spiritual gifts. You may have taken the Certified Crystal Therapist training before and join the Starlight Program as the next step, but it is not a must. You can also join the Multidimensional healing practitioner program completely independently if it calls you.

Anna's work as a channel for Star masters and Ascended Masters  is the foundation of this training. Through her, our Star masters channel the exercises and information that are key to each group. 


The training extends over five months and includes 10 full days, divided into 5 course weekends and own homework. During our physical meetings, a large focus will be on practical work. You should set aside a few hours a week for your own home study and practice.

The content of the education

Light language

The universal field
Advanced Multidimensional healing
Sound healing, the healing power of sounds
To work with crystals at a highly advanced level
Tools to channel information from your Star Self and your team of Light

The teacher

The teacher on the course is Anna Indra Larsson. Anna is a spiritual teacher and guide. For ten years she has worked as a channel for higher energies such as Starbeings and Ascended Masters.


Through her previous incarnations in Atlantis and Lemuria, Anna carries with her information, keys and codes, which are for the new age, for the awakening. Through Anna's workshops, courses, events, sessions and trainings, you get the opportunity to activate and unlock your unique keys from these incarnations and from your Star Self.

You can read more about Anna here.

Date, time and place

Autumn 2024 - Örebro, Sweden

 We start on 5-6 October 2024 and continue our training on 4-5 November, 9-10 December, 6-7 January 2024, and finish on 3-4 February 2024.

Time at  10-16 on each occasion.


SEK 15,555, of which SEK 5,555 is registration fee.

The registration fee is binding and non-refundable. The remaining SEK 11,000 must be available no later than 60 days before the start of the course. 

Welcome to a Magical education!

In Light & in Service

Registration Multidimensional healing practitioner

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